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What to Do Now with Digital Assets

What happens to digital accounts after someone passes away is still sort of a gray area in the law. There are a few simple steps that you can take now, to make it easier for your heirs to manage things.


Everything varies greatly between different states and between different websites on which people have accounts. Some states have almost no laws that apply to digital accounts. Other states have some laws that apply in some circumstances.

However, there are a few things everyone can do now to make it easier for others to handle their digital accounts, after they pass away, as Komando discusses in "One Essential thing you must do with your digital life before it's too late," including:

· Make a list of all your accounts and passwords. Store it in a safe place, where a trusted person can find it after you pass away.

· Create a Facebook legacy account. This will let a person of your choosing access your account to leave a farewell message but not allow access to your private messages.

· Set up a trusted contact with Google. If your account ever goes inactive, then a person of your choosing will be contacted and he or she can manage your account. This feature is customizable, and you can choose what to allow access to, as well as how long you have to be inactive before the trusted person is contacted.

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