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Are Seniors Prepared for Natural Disasters?

“A new national poll shows that many people over age 50 haven’t taken key steps to protect their health and well-being in case of severe weather, long-term power outages, or other situations.”

With hurricanes, tropical storms and wildfires becoming routine events, data from the National Poll on Health Aging suggest that older adults, loved ones and their care providers should take time to prepare for how they will cope and communicate in an emergency. The question is not if something will occur, but when. According to the article “Many Older Adults Aren’t Ready for Natural Disasters” from the website (U. Michigan), fewer than half of the seniors surveyed have signed up for emergency warning systems from their community. Less than a third have an emergency kit prepared with essential supplies and medicines to get them through an emergency or to take with them, if there is an evacuation.

The poll asked a national sample of 2,000 adults age 50 to 80 about their readiness for several different types of emergency situations. About seventy-five percent said that they had already experienced at least one major emergency in their lives.

“Whether it’s as straightforward as a power outage that lasts a day, or as severe as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake, preparing can make a huge difference,” says Preeti Malani, the poll’s director and a professor at the University of Michigan Medical School.

One of the key steps for an adult to take in disaster readiness is to talk with loved ones about what will happen in different types of emergencies, and what needs they should consider. For those who depend upon medicine, medical supplies and equipment, this can be lifesaving.

A basic emergency plan to evacuate and be safe is a smart idea for everyone. For older adults who have health issues or mobility challenges, this is particularly important.

There are some areas where seniors are prepared. 85% said they have a week’s supply of their medications on hand, and 72% say they have a week’s worth of other medical supplies.

Having a plan in place for disaster is important for seniors. So is having an estate plan, to prepare for life’s unexpected occurrences. If you don’t have an estate plan, speak with an estate planning attorney soon to have a will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy and other planning documents in place.

Reference: (U. Michigan) (Sep. 4, 2019) “Many Older Adults Aren’t Ready for Natural Disasters”

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