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Is it time to review your plan?

Proper estate planning is a process, not simply a one-time event. Therefore, it only makes sense to periodically review your planning goals and legal instruments. Review this list of life changes that could alter your estate-planning needs. If you notice some areas that might apply to you or your family, then it may be time for an estate plan check-up.

  1. Marriage, remarriage or divorce

  2. Death of a spouse or beneficiary

  3. Substantial change in estate size

  4. Death or incapacity of an executor, trustee or guardian

  5. Move to another state

  6. Acquisition of property in another state

  7. Birth or adoption of a child or grandchild

  8. Serious illness of a family member

  9. Change in business interest or retirement

  10. Change in insurability for life insurance

  11. Marriage or divorce of a beneficiary

  12. Change in beneficiary attitudes

  13. Financial irresponsibility of a child

  14. Changes in tax laws

  15. More than two years since review of plan with attorney

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