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Prisoner Claims to be Prince's Son

A federal prisoner in Colorado claims that he is the sole heir of the musician Prince according to paperwork filed by his attorney in court.

While the musician Prince is not known to have had any children, it is expected that many people will claim to be descended from the musician. Naturally, this is due to the vast size of his estate and the fact he did not create an estate plan.

If anyone can prove that he or she is the sole child of Prince, they would inherit the entire estate under Minnesota's laws of intestate succession.

Carlin Q. Williams, an inmate in federal prison in Colorado, has filed paperwork through an attorney claiming the he is a child of Prince. Williams claims his mother had a one night stand with Prince in Kansas City in 1976 before the musician became nationally famous. His mother claims that she knows Prince is the father of her son because she did not have sex with anyone in the weeks before her encounter with Prince nor did she have sex with anyone afterwards until giving birth.

Williams is unlikely to be the only person who makes a claim to be the child of Prince.

In anticipation of such claims, the court ordered that a blood sample taken for the musician's autopsy be used for DNA testing to make any claims easier to prove or disprove. It is unknown if and when Williams will undergo a DNA test.

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