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Osama Bin Laden's Will


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has recently released some documents that were seized during the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound. Much of the media focus has centered on some of the personal letters released that appear to warn followers against attempting to form an ISIS like state.

However, CNN also reports that one of the released documents is the terrorist leader's will in "Osama bin Laden's will, personal letters made public."

The will is a short document of less than one typed page. In it, Bin Laden claims to have had $29 million in Sudan. He directs that money to be used to carry out Jihad. The rest of the will directs that some small sums be given to various family members.

The will was written in the 1990s and authorities do not know if there is any money left in Sudan let alone where to find it in that country. Of course, if that money were to be recovered, this is one case where the legal system in the U.S. would not follow the directions of the will.

Wills often shine some light on the minds and values of their creators, but there is nothing in Bin Laden's will that we did not already know about him. Like most people he cared for his family and wanted to provide for them. Unlike most people he also wanted to carry out terrorist attacks against the west and his will reflects that sad fact.

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