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Heir Hunters Claim Possible Prince Child

Heir hunter

It appears that the musician Prince passed away without getting an estate plan. Not even a will has been found at this point. Under Minnesota intestacy law, his estate would go to his closest living relatives. The closest known relatives are his six siblings and half-siblings. However, if Prince had a child, then the entire estate would go to that child and nothing would go to the siblings and half-siblings.

The Heir Hunters International group, which has a Court TV show, is claiming that Prince did have a child. An as yet unidentified man told the Heir Hunters that Prince had an affair with his mother in the 1980s and that he is Prince's child. The group claims that the story is credible, but that it needs to do more research.

The Heir Hunters have also claimed to have a credible claim from another woman who claims to be a half-sibling of the musician. The Daily Mail reported on this story in "Minnesota man is claiming to be Prince's 'love child' from a fling with his mom in the '80s as the music legend's sister asks to be in charge of his $300 million estate."

As Prince did not have an estate plan it is expected that claims of being related to him will be numerous. For the unidentified man to have his claim validated and inherit the estate, he will first need to convince the court that his claim is believable enough for the court to order DNA testing.

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