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Debbie Reynolds' Death Sparks Sales

Debbie reynolds

If most people were asked what the bestselling DVD on Amazon is at any given time, they would likely choose a recent action blockbuster, an animated children's feature or perhaps a recent Oscar winner. However, if that question had been asked at the end of 2016, they would have been wrong.

The bestselling DVD at that time was Singin' In The Rain starring the recently deceased Debbie Reynolds. The movie was also placed on the New and Noteworthy list on iTunes.

This comes as no surprise to estate planners and others who follow celebrity estates.

Whenever a major celebrity passes away, their work almost always sees an increase in sales. Reynold’s case is a bit unusual, since she had not been in the limelight for quite some time. However, as her death came only a few days after her daughter passed away, the increase in sales should not be a surprise.

While sometimes these increased sales are temporary, they are not always so and can continue for many years. This means that celebrities, even minor ones, will want to make sure their estates are prepared to handle increased revenue and potentially new commercial opportunities.

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