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You Need a Power of Attorney


Think for a moment about everything you routinely do to make sure that all of your finances are in order. You pay many kinds of bills, including cable, phone, utilities, rent or mortgage and many more.

You probably pay these bills every month without much thought, other than a bit of grumbling.

You are used to it. You know how to pay them. You know if there is enough money in your accounts to cover the bills. You can also get that money out of the accounts and get it where it needs to go.

However, what if something were to suddenly happen to you?

You need to consider how difficult it would be for someone else to take care of all those bills, as WMUR 9 ABC points out in "Money Matters: Why you need a durable power of attorney."

You need to think about what would happen, if you have an accident and could not pay your bills for a few months or even longer.

What would it be like to get out of the hospital and come home to a big stack of unpaid bills? How many of your services would be cut off? Would you be in any shape to pay all of the stacked up bills to quickly get everything back in order?

There is a way to avoid that scenario.

You need to go to an estate planning attorney and get a general durable power of attorney. This will allow someone that you trust to pay your bills, if you are physically or mentally unable to do so.

Reference: WMUR 9 ABC (July 6, 2017) "Money Matters: Why you need a durable power of attorney."

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