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Tupac's Pendant for Sale

2 pac

The deceased rapper Tupac Shakur remains one of the biggest stars of the music genre years after his death. Fans still cannot get enough of his music, but his personal items have not been nearly as accessible to interested collectors.

A single piece of memorabilia has now appeared.

According to TMZ in "Tupac Bullet-Dented Pendant. . . Up For Grabs For $125K," a bullet-dented pendant the rapper was wearing when he was shot in New York City two years before his death is up for sale at a fixed price of $125,000

The pendant was allegedly given to a memorabilia dealer for the sale by an unnamed family member. It is not certain why it is a sale for a fixed price when most high value celebrity memorabilia is put up for auction.

What does seem clear is that this sale is very much a buyer beware situation.

Tupac's estate has declared that no one, including family, has been authorized to sell any merchandise. The estate has threatened to sue anyone who sells or buys the pendant.

Until more details come out, it cannot be determined whether the estate has the right to block the sale of this pendant.

If the family member who gave it to the dealer was given the pendant as part of the estate, then it is not clear what grounds the estate has to sue on. However, if the pendant was improperly acquired, then the estate has a much better case.

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