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The Right-to-Live Movement

Stephanie maynard

You may remember the case of Brittany Maynard. Two years ago the young woman became the face of the right-to-die movement.

She was terminally ill and argued that she had the right to end her own life with a doctor's assistance to put an end to her suffering.

Since then, more states have begun debating right-to-die legislation. Not everyone agrees with the idea, however.

Stephanie Parker is a young mother of four with terminal cancer who has been denied coverage for her treatments. She could end her suffering under the law in her state, but she refuses to do so.

Parker wishes for her children to learn that death is a part of life.

We in California just passed our own right to die law. California right to die law

She wishes to be the face of the right to live movement, as FOX News reports in "Terminally ill mom denied treatment coverage -- but gets suicide drug approved."

This is an important debate, but do not be confused by the media coverage.

While the media focuses on younger people who are wrestling with the decision whether to live or not with a terminal illness, this is a much bigger issue for elderly people, their doctors and their advocates.

All over the country elder law attorneys and advocates deal with these issues on a daily basis. There are strong feelings on both sides, but most advocates believe the decision should be left up to the individual person who has a terminal illness.

An elder law attorney could advise you on the laws concerning this issue in your state.

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