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The Elderly Dating Game


Absolutely no one wants to think about the possibility of their grandparents are dating after the death of one spouse. That is somewhat understandable. However, you do need to understand this is quite common.

It is actually very important that we do think about that reality, because it is true.

The unwillingness of people to confront that reality causes problems for the elderly and their estate plan.

One of the biggest problems is that elderly people get together for love or just companionship but it's new and exciting so they forget to address their trust or will.

Often the problem arises when they your grandfather or grandmother pass away, and they intended to leave their assets to their kids, however since they forgot to address the new spouse, now 1/3 or 1/2 goes to the new spouse. This problem is easily avoidable with a quick visit to their estate planning attorney and taking care of their business.

Families should make sure that their elderly members are informed and protected.

Reference: USA Today (April 12, 2017) "Yes, your grandmother is having with grandfather's best friend."

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