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Tax Credits for Organ Donation


All over the U.S. many people die unnecessarily. This includes many elderly.


It is because of a lack of organ donations.

Getting people and their families to agree to donate organs has proven to be exceptionally difficult. In some cases, it is even difficult to find enough blood donors.

There have been many awareness campaigns, but they normally only have a short-term effect, if they have any at all.

The New Jersey assembly is considering another idea to increase donations, according to the Tax Foundation in "Organ Donation Tax Credits: A Life or Death Proposal?."

The state is considering offering donors small tax credits for donating blood or organs. In the case of a deceased donor, the tax credit could be used on their final tax return filed by the estate.

Whether these credits would do very much to increase donations is uncertain.

These proposals could also be in violation of federal law, which makes it illegal to profit from organ donations. Other states have gotten around that problem, by offering tax exemptions for any expense incurred while donating.

It is important to find more blood and organ donors. However, it appears that these New Jersey proposals are likely not going to be solutions, unless federal laws are changed.

Reference: Tax Foundation (June 7, 2017) "Organ Donation Tax Credits: A Life or Death Proposal?."

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