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Snoop Dogg Does Not Have an Estate Plan


You might think the recent death of Prince and the news about how not having an estate plan will make his estate difficult to administer would cause others to get an estate plan. That would be the reasonable thing to do for anyone who cared about how their legacy will be fulfilled.

Count rapper Snoop Dogg as one who does not care.

When asked about it, Snoop Dogg said that he does not care what happens to his money because he will be dead. He also expressed hopes to be reincarnated as a butterfly so that he could watch people fight over his money. That is not exactly what he said.

The rapper put it much more profanely in an interview published in the SF Gate article "Snoop Dogg told us why he doesn't have a will: 'I don't give a f--- when I'm dead'."

Whatever you think of Snoop Dogg's music, it is not a good idea to follow his lead. His reasoning for not getting an estate plan is entirely selfish.

While he is correct that not having an estate plan will not affect him, it will affect his family. While the thought of people fighting over his money might be amusing now, if he really were a butterfly on the wall he might be horrified at what that actually means for his heirs.

His children would have to fend off attempts from others to get a portion of the estate. His heirs might start fighting with each other unnecessarily. It is even possible that the entire estate would disappear if the fighting lasted long enough.

Without an estate plan Snoop Dogg's estate will pay the maximum amount of estate tax the government can assess.

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