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Singer's Ex-Wife Is His Executor


Scott Weiland, the former lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots, died of an apparent overdose in December while on tour with his new band. In 2013, he had married photographer Jamie Watchel. However, Watchel is not the person who submitted his will to probate court.

Instead his ex-wife, Mary Forsberg, submitted the will to probate and asked the court to name her as the executor.

Weiland created the will in 2007 and named Forsberg as his executor a few months before divorcing Forsberg.

It is possible that Weiland still wanted his ex-wife to act as his executor. However, that seems unlikely as, according to Forsberg, he had little to do with his two children from their marriage after they divorced. The children never entered his home and he allegedly did not always send child support.

Thus, it is likely that Weiland made a classic estate planning mistake. He forgot to update his estate plan after getting a divorce.

After every major life changing event it is important that you review your estate plan and update it as necessary. Divorce definitely qualifies as such an event.

If you do not review and update your estate plan, then your estate might be in an awkward situation like Weiland's currently is.

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