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Prince Probate Judge in No Rush


Who will receive a share of Prince's $300 million estate, the rights to his music and his publicity rights? That is a great question and six people who were initially believed to be his closest living relatives would like it decided as soon as possible. The sooner it is decided, the less time other people will have to make claims that they are related to the musician and entitled to a portion of the estate.

If the matter is decided quickly, then it will also allow the estate to begin making plans about how it will pay the expected estate taxes. To that end, the half-siblings requested that the court expedite the process according to the Daily Mail in "New woman stakes her claim for slice of Prince's $300million estate as she claims to be his half-sister, alleging the singer was actually the son of his mother's ex-boyfriend."

The judge overseeing the matter has different ideas about how quickly the case should proceed. He has declined to speed the process up and has declared that once he does decide on a framework to determine the heirs, he might send that decision to a higher court for review before implementing the plan.

To complicate matters further, another woman is now claiming she is Prince's half-sister. She claims her father is also really Prince's father. Prince's mother was in a previous relationship with the man who is the father of one of Prince's other half-siblings. If her claim is correct, then some of the other supposed half-siblings would not be related to Prince at all.

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