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Plan for the End

It might not be the most comfortable thing to do, but seniors who plan for the last years of their lives often are comforted by doing so.

We spend our lives making and following plans. Even the most spontaneous people cannot help making plans from time to time. We all must make plans for work, as well as for our personal lives.


Even those in retirement need to make plans and, unfortunately, the plans seniors need to make are some of the least comfortable plans for people at any age to make. They are plans for their very final years, as the Dothan Eagle discusses in "Seniors need to plan for their final years."

Seniors need to plan for where they would like to live in their final years. If the answer is at home, arrangements need to be made to make sure that home is safe. If people would prefer to live in a nursing home, they should see an elder law attorney as soon as possible to discuss how they are going to pay for the nursing home.

An elder law attorney can also help them with other plans, such as creating powers of attorney and a living will. These are essential documents to have, in case seniors are not able to care for themselves in their final years.

Reference: Dothan Eagle (April 28, 2018) "Seniors need to plan for their final years."

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