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Offering Condolences in Torrance CA


A lot of the time when we see other people hurting, we wonder what we can do to help. We often conclude that there is nothing we can do. It is common for this to happen, when we learn that someone has passed away and we see their family in mourning.

As humans, we lack the ability to bring the deceased back to life.

There are other things, however, we can do to help the family that do not require much time and effort as the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog points out in "How Condolences Alleviate Grief."

The easiest and one of the best ways to help people mourning for a loved one, is to let them know we care and to offer our condolences. This does not require a grand gesture. It only requires a sincere statement of sympathy.

Sending a card or flowers is another way to offer condolences. Charitable donations in the name of the deceased is also a small thing that can let grieving people know you care.

This is important. Knowing that other people really do care helps those who are grieving.

It does not fix everything. It does not bring anyone back to life. Nevertheless, it does help people move on and makes it easier for them to handle other things that need to be done when a loved one passes away, such as making funeral arrangements and dealing with the estate.

Reference: Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog (March 20, 2017) "How Condolences Alleviate Grief."

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