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New Long-Term Care Proposals


Recently, the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution announced that the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative has proposed changes to the way long-term nursing home care is financed in the U.S. at "LTCFC ANNOUNCES FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS." The report comes at a time when policy experts are worried about American's aging population needing longer stays in nursing homes and how that care should be paid. The recommendations are the result of a three-year study by experts from across the political spectrum.

The recommendations include:

  1. Create a universal catastrophic long-term care insurance program. Wealthier people would be expected to pay for their own long-term care for two years, before the insurance would cover costs. Those of more modest means would receive insurance immediately when it is needed.

  2. Change Medicaid laws so the same services are offered to those in institutions and those not in institutions.

  3. Encourage private insurance companies to lower their costs and increase enrollment.

  4. Encourage Americans to save more for retirement and better educate themselves about the costs of retirement and long-term care.

These are just one group's proposals for dealing with long-term care. While everyone agrees that long-term care costs need attention, it is more difficult to reach agreement about the specific solutions. This new report might help clarify the issues and get politicians moving forward on solving the problems.

Reference: Convergence Center for Policy Resolution (Feb. 22, 2016) "LTCFC ANNOUNCES FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS."

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