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More Controversy for Harper Lee Estate

To kill a mockingbird

The last couple of years of Harper Lee's life were full of controversy for many of the author's fans. The novelist had stated many times over the years that she did not want to release a sequel to her book To Kill a Mockingbird. However, not long before she passed away another novel by Lee was published.

Although, the book became a bestseller, numerous questions were raised over the publication and whether Lee was forced into the decision by her controversial lawyer, Tonja Carter, who had been investigated for elder abuse. After Lee passed away Carter requested that the author's will be sealed. That request was granted and has been controversial.

As the headline suggests the judge reports that despite presiding over hundreds of other wills he has never before sealed a will and that he is also Carter's friend. Additionally, no one was notified of the application to seal the will or of the hearing on it.

Carter was the only one in attendance at that hearing and has refused to answer whether she is an heir to Lee's estate.

The article has many more details about this case and the numerous controversial decisions that Carter has made concerning Harper Lee's estate.

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