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Is Death Better than Watching the Debates?


George Norman Davis was a retired veteran and long-haul trucker. While not famous in life, his obituary is giving him some fame on the Internet.

It tells how, on the day of the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Davis proclaimed that he would rather die than watch the debate and promptly did so.

Everyone who watched any of the debates can probably relate to the sentiment. However, while there is humor in this particular story, it is also an indication of a trend. More and more people are using public obituaries to express the kind of personality and humor of their loved one.

More and more people are also writing their own obituaries and telling the tales about themselves they want to tell.

The Internet allows people all over the world to discover these obituaries and to share those they find interesting. That does mean people who would like a more traditional or private obituary need to make their wishes clear in a will or by letting their families know in another way.

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