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How Will Your Family Remember You?

“From time to time, we all consider the final step in our human experience, either by purchasing life insurance, writing a will or arranging for a burial plot. No one wants to be a burden on those we leave behind.”

Yhour history

A legacy is more than a saying on a tombstone. It’s the culmination of our lives, as stored in the hearts and memories of those we knew and loved.

Here is why it matters.

Determine priorities. Considering your legacy reminds us that our actions have an impact on those around us. It makes us think twice about how we live our lives. It allows us to stop and think, by stepping out for a moment from the day-to-day bustle of our lives.

Reminds us what needs to be done for those we love. Is your life insurance in place? How about your estate plan? Do you have a power of attorney and a health care proxy, in case something unexpected should occur? How will your family manage, if tragedy strikes? Having this in place is an expression of love and caring.

Think about the future. It’s easy to get caught up on the short-term. However, taking some time to consider how you want to be remembered in the future provides a different perspective. A temptation that you know is wrong, for instance, may pay off financially in the short term. How will it impact your legacy in the future?

Makes you a better person. Thinking about your legacy may inspire you to do the right thing, to be more selfless, more generous with your time and resources and to treat others with more kindness.

Bring values into focus. We all live with a moral code, whether we can articulate it or not. If your actions are not consistent with your values, it’s visible to those around you. Is this how you want to be remembered?

Define your legacy. Perhaps the last message we leave behind, is how we prepare for our end. Whether it’s making sure your estate plan is properly prepared or planning a funeral, let those you love, know that you cared enough to think about their needs, even after you have passed.

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