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Getting the Most out of Social Security

Every year Americans make big mistakes with Social Security. They choose to leave benefits on the table and do not receive as much as they should.

Social Security benefits are of critical importance to most retired Americans. The benefits often account for 50% of the income retired people have, if not more.


Everyone knows that the amount of benefits they will receive depends on when they start taking the benefits. Many people choose to figure out for themselves how to maximize their benefits.

Many do so to their own detriment, according to CNBC in "Bungling this retirement decision could cost you $300,000."

It has been estimated that every year, Americans receive $10 billion less in Social Security benefits than if they maximized their benefits. Some people leave as much as $300,000 in lifetime benefits on the table, without even knowing it.

This is the result of people not choosing to retire at the right time and also not thinking about things like spousal benefits that might be a good option for them.

It is not a good idea to make Social Security decisions on your own or to rely on government employees to tell you how to get your maximum benefit.

You need to talk to experts when making these decisions.

An elder law attorney in your area can help you decide how to get the most out of Social Security. Visit with one before you make any decisions that you cannot change later.

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