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Ex-Manager's Suit against Jackson Estate to Go Forward

One aspect of the seemingly neverending Michael Jackson estate saga is moving toward a conclusion after a long delay.


Thome was also asking for attorney's fees from the estate. The estate objected claiming that the allowable fees in the contract were for actions against third-parties, not Jackson or his estate. Jackson's estate asked that Thome's complaint be thrown out for that reason. The judge in the case declined to dismiss the complaint and will allow the complaint to be amended to exclude the request for attorney's fees. The case is scheduled for trial May 3, 2016. The Hollywood Reporter reported these developments in "Judge Allows Michael Jackson's Ex-Manager to Amend Complaint Against Estate."

Regardless of the outcome of this particular case against Jackson's estate, it is likely there will be more legal battles. Others have sued the estate for different matters and the IRS claims that a very large estate tax bill is due.

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