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Entire Family Signed up for Cryogenics

A Wisconsin man signed his entire family up to have their bodies frozen when they pass away, in the hopes that they can be brought back to life at a later date.

There have always been people who dream about living forever. There is something about the idea of not knowing what will happen after we pass away that captures the imagination.


The inevitably of death creates a barrier to that.

A man in Wisconsin has signed up for himself, his wife and their three sons to all be cryogenically frozen after they pass away. Their hope is that someday scientists will be able to unfreeze them, bring them back to life and cure whatever it was they died from.

Most experts would say this is an impossibility because the freezing process damages the brain. However, those who support cryogenics have faith that future scientists can fix that.

Whatever your opinion of cryogenics and its potential effectiveness, you probably should think of death as still inevitable. You are going to pass away.

Even if you are brought back to life in a thousand years, the people you left behind in the interim could benefit from you having an estate plan.

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