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Elder Law Month

There are many legal services available to seniors. May is a good month for them to get informed about their options, since it is Elder Law Month.

There are many elderly people in the U.S. who suffer from legal problems without knowing there might be assistance and remedies available to them. For example, many elderly people are the victims of financial abuse. However, they do not know their legal options. Instead of doing something to stop the abuse, they allow it to continue due to lack of knowledge.

That is a problem. No elderly person should have to suffer from abuse of any kind. Now is a good time for the elderly to get informed about their legal options for all sorts of things, as News 4 San Antonio points out in "Protecting senior citizens from abuse and providing legal services."

May is National Elder Law Month. In many localities, attorneys and senior advocates offer free seminars during the month, so people can learn about relevant services available in their areas. If there are no informational events going on in your area, you can still learn about your options by visiting with an elder law attorney.

The attorney will not only know about legal services for elderly people but other things as well. Most attorneys who specialize in elder law, keep informed about other services for the elderly in their communities, so they can help their clients with an appropriate referral, when needed.

If you have not seen an elder law attorney before, you should do so. You are likely to be surprised by the many things you did not know, and you can learn about benefits.

Reference: News 4 San Antonio (May 14, 2018) "Protecting senior citizens from abuse and providing legal services."

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