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David Cassidy's Will

David Cassidy is the latest deceased celebrity to have cut one of his children out of his will.

David Cassidy was once a well-known figure, who starred on the TV show "The Partridge Family" and had many adoring teenage fans of his music.

Many people still recognize his name. However, it has been a long time since Cassidy was able to profit from his former fame.

He recently passed away with an estate valued at only $150,000, which is a low amount for someone who once made as much money as Cassidy did.

The details of his will have been made public.

Cassidy chose to cut out his daughter, so she will not receive an inheritance from him, according to the Los Angeles Times in "David Cassidy cut daughter Katie Cassidy out of his will."


David regretted this and the two reconciled before he passed away. However, Katie was specifically excluded from her father's will.

David's son and brothers will instead inherit his modest estate. We probably do not need to have financial concerns for Katie, because she is famous in her own right as an actress on the TV show "Arrow."

Katie Cassidy likely does not need the inheritance.

This is becoming something of a trend in recent celebrity estates. Many have chosen to disinherit some of their children for various reasons.

A fight over the estate is unlikely in this case.

Reference: Los Angeles Times (Dec. 7, 2017) "David Cassidy cut daughter Katie Cassidy out of his will."

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