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Coffin Swap

A funeral home in Australia is accused of swapping a deceased person out of an expensive coffin after the service and placing the remains in a much cheaper one.

An Australian family claims it paid for a deceased relative to receive a fancy coffin worth $1,700. After the coffin was displayed at the funeral service, the coffin and the remains inside were then to be transferred to a crematorium. However, the funeral home delayed transporting the coffin by an hour.


Upon being confronted by the family, the funeral director did not deny the swap. He claimed it was a common practice that was done to protect the more expensive coffin from the cold, as delays at the crematorium meant the remains would need to be frozen for some time.

The family is suing the funeral home as Fox News reports in "Funeral Home swapped $1,700 coffin with $70 one family claims."

This is just the latest scandal in a string of scandals in the funeral home industry in the U.S. and throughout the world. The industry has been found to be cutting corners at the expense of the decedents and their families.

It is important that people shop around and make sure they are using a reputable funeral home. It is also important to pay attention to what the funeral home says and what it does.

If you are hesitant to sign a contract with a funeral home company, seek the advice of an elder law attorney.

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