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Charles Manson's Will Filed With Court

The man who claimed to be Charles Manson's friend and sole heir, has now filed a will in court and says he is prepared to fight anyone who contests it.

At first it was not clear who would inherit Charles Manson's estate or if anyone would even want it, despite having some monetary value.


That man at first preferred to remain anonymous and left open the question of why someone would become friends with Manson.

The will has been filed in court and the man has been revealed to be Mark Channels, as the Daily Mail reports in "Charles Manson's pen pal files the infamous killer's last will and testament in court after saying 'he'll go into the ring' if anyone challenges the document."

It turns out that Channels worshipped Manson and even had a shrine to the cult leader in his home. Channels has already issued a warning to anyone who might contest the will and stated that he is prepared to fight for Manson's estate.

Manson does have a few living relatives who might want to contest the will. However, at the time of the article they had not done so. They still have roughly have 100 days to file with the court, if they so choose.

Whoever inherits Manson's estate can expect to earn some money from collectors and could also see some money from music royalties.

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