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Assisted Living Facilities


If you ask any elderly person who is not currently living in a nursing home what they think about moving to one, you are likely to get a negative response. People do not want to move into nursing homes. Most only do so, when they have no other options.

Nevertheless, there are many elderly people living at home who are not able to handle their own day to day needs. They need help which can be hard to come by due to a lack of good caretaker options or because it is not practical to move in with younger family members.

These senior citizens do have an option available, short of prematurely going into a nursing home, as Yorktown News points out in "What Is an Assisted Living Facility and Is It the Right Place for You?"

An assisted living facility is just what it says it is.

It is a facility that assists an elderly person with daily functions, but not to the extent that a nursing home does. In an assisted living facility, residents will get help with laundry, cleaning, transportation, medication management etc.. Facilities also usually offer community meals for residents.

While an assisted living facility is not right for all seniors, it is a great option for some. Most will find such an arrangement more enjoyable than a nursing home.

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