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Why Estate Fights Start

Fights over estates can start for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons they happen, can be summed up in one word: stepmothers.

Stepmothers do not have a good reputation in popular culture. Going all the way back to fairy tales, we find stepmothers have often been seen as the source of much pain for their stepchildren.


It is such a common occurrence that it is one of the leading causes of fights over an estate as Forbes discusses in "Stepmothers: The Cause Of So Many Estate Fights."

The real problem is not really stepmothers. When family members do not get along for other reasons, they often find themselves at odds over the estate of a deceased loved one. It just so happens that one of the primary familial relationships gone awry is that of stepmothers and their stepchildren.

What this means is that people who have entered a new marriage with children from a previous relationship, need to understand the family dynamic and how it could have an impact on the administration of their estates. They need to create estate plans that take the potential for these fights into account.

Reference: Forbes (Jan. 23, 2018) "Stepmothers: The Cause Of So Many Estate Fights."

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