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Clinic Sued for False Alzheimer's Diagnosis


When people get older they naturally begin to get a bit more absent-minded. They sometimes forget little things such as where they left their keys more often than they previously did.

Many people fear the worst. They fear that their forgetfulness is a sign that they are coming down with Alzheimer's disease.

While no one wants to be diagnosed with the disease, it can come as something of a relief to get properly diagnosed so that people know what is wrong with them.

However, what if you were told you had Alzheimer's and really did not? That is what many former patients of an Ohio clinic, that is now closed, allege in lawsuits.

The clinic told them they had the disease and accepted their payments for treatment. It was later revealed that these diagnoses were false and it appears that the clinic's director did not have a license to practice medicine in Ohio.

If these allegations turn out to be true, this is a brazen and disturbing case of elder abuse. One of the people affected even committed suicide.

People are right to worry whether they have a debilitating disease.

If you ever have any concerns that you (or a loved one) are being taken advantage of in a similar way, contact an elder law attorney.

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